Our adshot engine allows us to perform data-driven matchmaking with trusted influencers and optimal campaign management:

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Adshot has built its own engine to automate the tedious process of matchmaking, negotiations and tracking. That way we can focus on what matters: your results.

Achieve adblock free and credible advertising to 665 million gaming content viewers via our influential gamers on YouTube, Twitch and Twitter

Channel sponsoring

Get adblock free visibility on reserved spaces on Youtube or Twitch channels as the proud channel sponsor.

Branded content

Let influencers make content around your product in the form of an introduction, shoutout or demonstration video.

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Influential gamers tweet your message directly to their audience on Twitter

Axel Gekiere


A former YouTube Gaming content creator who started his career as an digital marketing consultant who also aided Google growth projects. Axel plays campaigns like he plays chess: it is all about putting the right pieces in place to drive results.

Laurens Jansens


A former law student with a great passion for people. Laurens is the bridge between brands and gamers to promote the interests of both parties.

Sarah Del Ben

Community Mangement

Sarah (aka Otly) is a Twitch streamer who loves to entertain people through her livestreams. She serves as a community manager for all Adshot gamers, which ensures that Adshot continuously gains valuable insights from the gaming scene.

Vincent Franken

Product Development

Vincent left university with a masters’ degree in big data and artificial intelligence. In his past career he mainly worked on player intelligence projects. His main mission for adshot is to empower the adshot engine further with big data and artificial intelligence.

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Wargaming has asked adshot to let influencers of certain games create a gameplay video for their audience that shows one the Wargaming.net titles like World of Tanks, World of Warships and Total war arena.

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Tfix, a UK-based company that repairs computers and gaming consoles wanted to create awareness of their services to gaming enthusiasts. The channels of 10 streamers from the United Kingdom were sponsored for a month and each participant send out a tweet about Tfix.

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Pixelstellar is a new software that uses the power of the cloud to turn any average laptop into a real high, performance gaming computer. They wanted to introduce their new product towards a gaming audience. Adshot endorsed influencers from specific regions in which the software was already available. Some of the influencers were challenged to play a high-end game on a Raspberry Pi.